Delay over Bluetooth with Fmod 2.02.09 on Hwawei mobile

Huawei mobile phones with Bluetooth headsets have a delay of 0.5-0.6s


What FMOD Integration version are you using?

You may want to run the Oboe testing app to determine whether the issue is coming from the device or from FMOD -

If the app reports similar latency or experiences crackling, the issue is with the device and the manufacturer will need to address it.

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Hello, My Fmod Studio’s version is 2.02.12。when I use Fmod API that version 2.02.12. My HuaWei mobile with Bluetooth has a delay of about 0.6s. After I upgrade my Fmod API to 2.02.19, There still has a delay of 0.5-0.6s

My HuaWei mobile is Harmony OS 4.0

I have the same mobile phone and facing the same problem.My bluetooth have delay of 0.7s approx.


Thank you for the information.

Using Bluetooth devices will have some unavoidable delays, further explained here: FMOD Engine | Platform Details - Android.

Testing with Oboe I was also experiencing delays of 500ms, an option may be testing some of the other Anrdoid output options to see if the delays are more acceptable: FMOD Engine | Core API Reference - System.

Hope this helps