Delay time Random Modulation broken

not sure if i’m doing something incorrect but i created a couple of delay effects and neither one of them could randomize the delay time correctly, even after saving and re-opening the project. Feedback worked fine with no issue however. Also i was able to use Automation on delay time. AHDSR also works fine, but the random setting is broken.


The values of effects on tracks are randomized only once, when the event starts. In theory, they should be re-randomized each time the event is restarted, but there is a known issue where randomized delay time isn’t re-randomized after the first time, so that might be what you’re seeing. As a workaround, should be able to cause the delay time to be re-randomized by selecting a different event in the Folders Browser, and then switching back to the event you want to audition.

Thanks for reporting this bug.