Randomization of SFX: Random Time and Random Order?

Is it possible to be able to play individual random SFX at random times within a map? For instance, I might have 10 individual metallic effect (banging, scrapping, etc.) sounds. Each time I enter the room where these metallic sounds need to be played, I want the player to hear each metallic sound: 1. in a different order and 2. at random time intervals each time they enter the room. Is this possible using FMOD Studio and using the FMOD plugin in Unity?

Could I use the FMOD plugin in Unity to make these individual metal sounds: play in random order and play at random times? Or would I need to do something else?

Hi Samantha,

You can use the scatterer instrument to play random playlist items at random intervals. If you set the min & max scatter distance to 0 then you have control over where the event plays audio if it’s a 3D event.

Another approach is to use a multi instrument and set its trigger behaviour to a low probability. In your game code you can call this event at regular intervals but the multi instrument will only be triggered at random times.

For more information on instruments, please see our documentation.


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