Sounds outside of UE4 Blueprints

We are making a VR game with UE4, FMOD Studio and the HTC Vive, which has these handheld controllers that also appear in the VR world as virtual versions.
The game specific funtionality of these virtual controllers have already been implemented into the player blueprint instead of making them a blueprint of their own.
My Programmers say they can only attach a FMOD Sound Event to a blueprint (or maybe this is the only way they are aware of?). So the way it is now, sounds that i want to emit from the virtual controller will not, since they can only be attached to blueprints (e.g. the player blueprint, the sound would then emit from the player’s position).

I’m really bummed out by this. Does that mean i would have had to tell my programmers in advance that anything that might make a sound needs its own blueprint?

Is there no other way to have the sound be spatialized to come from the virtual controller’s position?

Thank you for any help


Why do you need another way to play spatialized sound if it works with FMOD? You can attach fmod events to specific components in a blueprint. Just make sure the sound file is a mono source file, and then you: go into the player blueprint, add an FMOD audio component in the components window, and drag the FMOD event under the component to parent the sound to it.

Another way to do the same thing in the blueprint is to add a ‘play fmod sound attached’ in the event graph and attach your virtual controller’s static mesh component to the node.

In FMOD, just make sure the 3d object panner’s mix and max distance in the attenuation settings is set to something pretty low (like 1 - 5) so that you can pinpoint the sound better in 3d space.

Does that help?

This is a good answer. In particular, the second paragraph about creating a blueprint to play sound attached seems to do what you want. You can have your player controller blueprint attach FMODAudioComponents onto the actor that you want the sound to follow around.