Difference between FMOD Studio and FMOD Studio API

im a newer to FMOD.im learning FMOD and got some questions:
1.How can i define a “listener” in FMOD Studio, not in FMOD Studio API?
2.i have two sound card in my PC, how do i specify one sound card to play my created sound when i press the Play control in FMOD studio, not in FMOD Studio API.
thank you for your patience!

I also want to know this answer of the question.

Could you possibly clarify what it is you want to know? What do you mean by “defining” a listener?

To clarify: For most purposes, the listener may be thought of as a point in a simulated 3D space, as can all your emitters; These locations are used to calculate the precise effect of position-based effects on audio (such as distance attenuation) as if the listener was a microphone recording sounds coming from emitters in a real space. Generally, you’ll specify the location, facing and movement of both emitters and listener in your game code in accordance with whatever game events are in progress.

A listener is just the position of your camera (or ears) and is specified using the API. It is inherently tied to the runtime API.
What do you imagine the UI would be doing? Setting some properties?

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FMOD Studio will use your default sound card as configured in the “playback devices” section of the sound settings on Windows or in the Audio MIDI Setup app for Mac.

How can i define a “listener” in FMOD Studio, not in FMOD Studio API?

How can you change the soundcard?