Studio Listener where you add to listen surround sounds?

i have a new question, where do you add the Studio Listener?

Because, if i put the StudioListener in the main camera (in survival shooter, for example), my 3D sounds not sound (surround), my 2D sounds, yes sound stereo.

But, if i put the Studio Listener in the player, muy 2D sounds Sounds Great and My 3D surround Sounds Sound Very nice, in my studio. Some help? Thanks

For a top down game, you will have to play around with listener placement to make it feel correct, usually somewhere between the camera and player.

OK, so allways the Studio Listener, should be in camera or the player, according with my sound design? in Survival Shooter i put the StudioListener in the Player and sounds great!! in surround.

In Tanks, i have the dilemma, because the scene is very rich in sound desing, but if i put the Studio Listener in the camera, i will lost the perspective sound when the tanks go around the buildings, or Camp Oil. But there are allways two players, so would be impossible have two Studio Listeners at the same time, with only one camera, isn’t it?

Thanks for your time.

You can have up to 8 FMOD listeners in Unity at once.

Yes i know that i can use 8 studio Listeners, but i understant that i can use in the diferent game objects or players, but…not in main camera and one gameobject player, right? i try to use in the main camera and player game object, and not works.