Disable spatialized sounds

I need to offer a player option to disable spatialized sounds. It does appear that if the sound is spatialized and I start it without setting the FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_Set3DAttributes it just doesn’t play. Is there a way disable spatialized sounds even if the event is spatialized? I’m also trying to track down some performance issues that seem to go way if I hack the sounds to not be spatialized.

Yes, but the method of doing so depends on what you mean by “disable.”

Not setting an event’s FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_Set3DAttributes means you’re not providing FMOD Studio with the event instance’s coordinates, but doesn’t change what effects are in the event - meaning that its spatializing effects are still present and still spatialize the event instance, but use the default coordinates of 0,0,0.

If I understand correctly, you want to disable the spatialization of events. To achieve this, you’ll need to provide an alternate routing path that bypasses each events’ spatializing effect, most likely by using a pre-spatializer send that targets a return bus in your mixer and a snapshot that controls whether the return bus or the group buses into which your events’ outputs are routed are ducked to -oo.

I’m curious as to what these performance issues are. What form of spatialization are you using that is consuming too many resources?