Is it possible to play a 3d event as 2d and ignore position?

Is there a way to play a 3d timeline as a 2d sound?

The only solution I know of is to duplicate the same event but remove the spatializer effects.

If this is the only option that is fine, but I just wanted to make sure before I have duplicate events of every sound that might need to be playable without 3d space considerations.


An option may be to Bypass the spatializer effect on the event:
Hopefully, this is the functionality you are looking for.

I know about using a bypass when in the FMOD Studio application, but is it possible to enable the bypass via code to avoid needing the duplicate event in my banks file?


Yes, it is possible to enable bypass via code: FMOD Studio | Core API Reference - DSP::setBypass. You will have to get a reference to the DSP first: FMOD Engine | Core API Reference - Channel::getDSP.

Hope this helps