Distance influence between two event instances

My event has a paramter “RoomCheck”, and this is a footstep event.

Is it possibile to create something like an area instance into the game scene or other events instance in order that when this footstep event is posted in the area of or close to an event, the paramter value of “RoomCheck” can be changed?

we cannot use distance between footstep event and Listener, or create a snapshot place in the scene, because some footstep instance are posted outside room, but some are in the room. It is depended on where this footstep event posted.

Other example: Some players are walking on Sand, and Some players are walking on Grass. They also use same event.

I think main issue is that i not really clear to how two events can affect each others. I just wanna create a function just like what “Wwise [Switch] or [State]” does.

Any solutions or suggestions!

Thank you very much!!!


You appear to have the implementation on the Studio side of things in place. The best way to set the value of the parameter RoomCheck will depend on what exactly you need, but a simple way to do this in Unity would be to use Colliders with isTrigger set to true and collider tags that represent your various parameter values (i.e. Sand/Grass or InRoom/OutRoom). You can then use Collider.OnTriggerEnter() in the script managing your event instance, and set the instance’s parameter value accordingly.

If you’re using StudioEventEmitters to handle your event instances, instead of checking for trigger entry in your own script, you can use a StudioParameterTrigger on the same GameObject to set the parameter value on trigger entry.