.dll errors on attempt to integrate with Unity project

Just trying FMod again with a view to using it from the beginning for all of a new project’s audio. Only I can’t even install it.

I have downloaded FMod 2.02.04 from the Asset Store. I have imported it into a Unity 2019.2.21f1 test project. I get just a type VERSION already exists followed by many .dll errors.

I can’t see anything on the website or asset stating required Unity versions. What’s up?

Unity 2019.4 is the lowest supported version for FMOD 2.02. Please try updating your project to Unity 2019.4 or later and let me know if that fixes your issue.

Yeah, I found that on a different new project. Can you please make that clearer. I can only find that info on the Asset Store listing. The Unity Integration tutorial shows using 2019.3 as necessary for the kart example, suggesting earlier versions still viable, and the Downloads don’t make any mention at all of what Unity version minimum is required.

Thanks for flagging, that is definitely an oversight- I will make a task to update the Downloads page to include the minimum Unity versions for each major release, and to update any old references to unsupported Unity versions in the Karting tutorial.