DllNotFoundException: fmodstudioL missing dll in 2.01.15 package

In the process of upgrading Unity to 2019.4.36f1 (from 2019.4.27f1) ended up having to upgrade FMOD as well due to console SDK/GDK requirements to 2.01.15 (from 2.01.09) and was expecting a smooth and easy upgrade since its a relatively minor version increase but it was anything but.

Changes in EventManager.cs are broken and causes NRE on a clean cache and here is the “fixed” version:

            // Get all banks and set cache time to most recent write time
            List<string> bankFileNames = new List<string>();
            DateTime lastWriteTime = DateTime.MinValue;
                bankFileNames = new List<string>(Directory.GetFiles(defaultBankFolder, "*.bank", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
                lastWriteTime = bankFileNames.Max(fileName => File.GetLastWriteTime(fileName));

Anyway the latest issue I am running into is the fmodstudioL.dll seems to be missing from lib\win\x86_64 folder from the Downloaded 2.01.15 builds.

May you please update the build or provide a workaround?

For anyone experiencing this issue, please ensure that the “staging” directory is checked when importing the FMOD unity package. The staging directory contains files essential for normal operation, and should not be omitted when importing the FMOD integration.