Do I need all these files in my Unity project?

Hi everyone,

My question might be very simple, but it’s something that I’ve never known for sure. When you import FMOD’s package into Unity, it asks you about all the files that you want to import into your project ( By default I just import all, but I was wondering, do I always need all of them?
I’m about to implement FMOD in a new project and I want to keep the project nice and clean, so I don’t want any unnecessary files on it. Which ones I don’t need? The project will be on Desktop only, so no mobile or console versions. I’m assuming that this would allow me to untick some folders under the “plugins” folder like the Android and iOS folders, is that correct?

Hopes this all make sense and thanks in advance for any help!

You are correct, we include a number of different platforms in the one package.
Platform libs are all organized into the subfolders in the Assets/Plugins directory.
For example, you are building for desktop only so the only folders inside the Plugins directory you would need are: FMOD, Editor, x86 and x86_64. There are also files and folders for plugins (GoogleVR and ResonanceAudio) that can be removed if not used.

Hey Cameron. Thanks for the explanation. I have to agree with Gustavo that we have to import a great amount of files. FMOD is awesome so I will keep using it, but right now my project is getting cluttered and it makes it hard to remove / update plugins. I’m using the Google VR SDK, and since I’ve experienced some bugs I want to renew the plugin. Since almost nothing is organized well in the plugins folder, I want to reorganize the plugin folder like in this post:

Is this something I can safely do, or will I ruin the project?

PS: I am aware of special folder names in Unity, but I am just wondering if there is a better way to organize the plugins folder than how it is right now.

There are some files that need to be in particular folders:

As for the rest, if you move them from inside the Unity Editor it should not break.
Although you may not be able to update the files using a UnityPackage after moving them. We do have plans to rearrange the plugin, but that won’t be until a major release as it could break current projects.

Thanks Cameron, that’s what I was thinking, but I thought I should ask to see if I was missing something. That clears my question. Have a nice day!