Unity, source control and platforms folder


I’ve been trying Fmod for Unity for the first time, and really love it! Upon looking at putting the project on a source control system, I’ve realized that the “platforms” folder of FMod is 400mb by itself… for platforms I will never use! Which can be annoying if you need to sync the project across multiple devices.

What would you guys recommend doing about that?
Is it safe to just delete the folders for the platforms that are not needed (like tvos for example, 101mb!), or will the plugin refuse to work if I do so?

I could just ignore these files in the gitignore, but that would still mean having to reinstall parts of the plugin when syncing it on another machine, so still kinda fussy…?


It’s not safe to delete the platform folders, as the FMOD plugin will throw errors and Unity will not be able to build. Using a .gitignore to ignore the platform folders and reimporting the plugin on other machines is, despite being a bit of a hassle, your best bet. Currently there’s no existing workaround, but I’ve raised this issue with the development team.

EDIT: After discussion with the dev team, it seems that you should be able to delete the “lib” directory inside whichever platform directories you’re not using without any issue.

Thank you for your answer!
I was expecting something like that, so I’m not surprised :slight_smile:
Indeed a way to only have the needed platforms would be great, but at least we can still rely on the git ignore for now.

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