Do I need binaries for Nintendo Switch?

Did any of you use FMOD for your game? Do I need special binaries for the Switch? I am asking, because for windows I had to include some DLLs.

If I need binaries for Nintendo Switch, where can I find them?

I am using Godot Engine 3.5.


You do need special binaries for Switch. To enable access to the Switch downloads on you need to register a project here : and verify your Switch developer status with us by following the instructions here :

You may also want to check if your version of Godot actually supports using FMOD for Switch.

Thanks Andrew, I am downloading it right now. :+1:

I think, someone already went though the process with Godot3 + FMOD for the Switch on a Discord server I am on. But I will find out soon, if it is possible I guess. :slight_smile: