Do "trigger" type parameters exist for Fmod events?

Title basically says it. Is there a way to create and call a parameter of type “trigger” ?
What I mean by “trigger” is essentially a bool being automatically set to false immediately after I set it to true, say from Unity.
If there is no such build it feature, is there a way to create a similar behaviour inside Fmod, without having to rely on logic from other parties such as Unreal/Unity.

You can simulate this by using a command instrument in places where the parameter will be used, to reset it to its default value. That’s exactly what I do with the parameter “Enemy active” here: FMOD adaptive music with unlocking loops - YouTube I use it at 1:16, for exemple, to trigger the “enemy” transition. The command instrument is far right.

Alcibiade’s suggestion of using a command instrument is the most effective way to make a parameter reset its value after being changed, though it will require you to create such a command instrument in every event that you want to exhibit the automatic resetting behavior if it’s a local parameter, or to ensure that there is always at least one playing event instance that can reset the parameter’s value if it’s a global parameter.

If the command instrument method doesn’t work for your project, an alternative is to give the parameter a high positive or negative velocity. A parameter with a velocity automatically increases or decreases its value over time, and so can also produce automatic-resetting behavior. However, the parameter value change of this method is not instant, which may be undesirable in some projects.

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