can you point me in the direction of the documentation that will explain the difference and give some usage examples for


one is using _ the other dot syntax … ?

Thanks in advance

FMOD.Studio.EventInstance and FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance are objects in the FMOD Studio API, which can be controlled in scripts. FMOD.Studio.EventInstance is an instance of an event, and the FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance is a parameter of an event.

FMOD_StudioEventEmitter is a monobehavior script which can be attached to GameObjects as a component. It is the FMOD equivalent to the Sound Source component, but for events instead of sounds. The FMOD_StudioEventEmitter contains a FMOD.Studio.EventInstance to control the playback of the event.

You can use the FMOD_StudioEventEmitter to easily put sounds into your game similar to the Unity Sound Source. If you want more control over when the event starts and stops and it’s parameters then you can create your own scripts which use the FMOD Studio API directly.

Thanks, I appreciate the time you have taken to clear that up for me .

I’ve checked the API and it seems to be in C and C++ ? Unity works with Unityscript and C# ?

If you are going to be encouraging a more wider user base (especially those that are coming from sound background rather than a non-programming background) might I suggest you sort some sort of documentation aimed at everyone rather than a select few.

I guarantee it’ll be a wise investment.