Dolby Atmos support in 2021

I see a couple of old posts referring to a DLL from Dolby labs that enables Atmos support in Unity. Just getting started on a new project, and I’m wondering “Is this still a thing?” Do I have to get a special license form Dolby to get this DLL, or has the ecosystem changed since 2017? I do see output options for 7.1.4 configs, which would imply Atmos support, but I want to make sure that the groundwork is properly laid for this new project.

It’s now possible to use Dolby Atmos via the Windows Sonic output plugin, so it’s no longer necessary to obtain a special license and .dll from Dolby to use Atmos in a Unity project.

We’re currently still working on adding information about Dolby Atmos spatialization to the FMOD Studio User Manual, but in the mean time, The FMOD API User Manual contains some information on the topic.