Understand FMOD Voices Stop

I come from Wwise and FMOD is also Event based.

I try to understand well the mechanism of stopping sounds using FMOD.

In Wwise , we stop sound using Events and we can stop per game object or globally the voices.

I was able to STOP sound using the Component of FMOD that you provide within the integration or via script using your API based on your documentation.

Although is there a concept of killing globally the voice or By GameObject ?

Can you stop a sound event directly in FMOD , Like from a Normal Play Event sound that kill another sound.

The project I uses right now is in Unity , but I also have FMOD unreal project where it was done via blueprint.

But Directly from FMOD SoundEngine are we able to Create Stop Events ?

Thank You

Using the Unity Event Emitter component works a bit different than using the FMOD Studio API directly.

When using the Event Emitter, if you wish to stop an individual event, you can either call StudioEventEmitter.StopEvent() or you can place the spawned event instance into a variable and call EventInstance.stop(). If you place the event instance into a variable it will also grant you access to every command in the FMOD Studio API for event instances (the Event Emitter only has a limited amount of commands that can be called in a limited way). You can only place an event instance into a variable after calling StudioEventEmitter.PlayEvent() otherwise the spawned event instance will not work as you expect it to.



If you wish to stop and release all instances of the same event playing, you will need to grab the event description of a spawned event instance (as described above) and then call EventDescription.releaseAllInstances()