Downgrade To Previous Fmod Version


We’re some of the unlucky developers who integrated version 2.00.06 and it seems to be causing many issues. We solved some (lag every few seconds) by using the EventManager.cs from 2.00.05, but there are other issues now including Fmod not being able to locate events in a Windows build (EventNotFoundException: [FMOD] Event not found 'event:/SFX/Characters) and memory leaks/starvation.

I’m not saying Fmod is definitely responsible for these errors, but we’re lowish on time and maybe rolling back to a more stable version wouldn’t hurt.

So! If anyone has suggestions for the EventNotFound error or the OutputWASAPI::mixerThread : Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer! message, I would appreciate it a lot.

Otherwise, does anyone know the best process/practices for downgrading to version 2.00.05 for example? I know this is a lot of questions, sorry about that.

To be clear, audio is working just fine in Unity, it’s only when we build to Windows we get a silent game with the Event Not Found messages. We’ve tried common things like the script loading order and deleting and rebuilding the banks.

Thanks a lot!

The issue causing the lag/stall every 5 seconds has been found and fixed for the next release, in the meantime you can rollback to 2.00.05 the same way you would update to a newer version. I have also updated our github repo to version 2.00.05.

The WASAPI message is just a warning, and likely caused by the lag/stall.

I don’t believe the ‘Event Not Found’ issue is related to the above issue, can you supply the output log from the game (using development build) to see if there is any more information.