EventNotFound Error but event is not being requested

Hi all,

I’m having the issue that FMOD seems to be looking for an event from the project on several game objects that aren’t asking for it. Some don’t have anything to do with sound. I deleted the event from the project, and now I’m getting the error that the event isn’t found, although no scripts have anything written with this non-existant event.

Is this a known error? I’m in Unity and using Google’s spatial audio plugins if that makes any difference.

All objects seem to have the PhysSound System on them, now that I took another look. Still can’t figure out why that would be looking for this particular event though. I also haven’t touched the PhysSound System in this project for a while so it doesn’T make sense that it should have any new attributes to provide these errors.

Hi Benjamin, if this is still a problem for you, can you send us some more info at support@fmod.com please? Thanks

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