Just reporting a possibly already known incompatibility

There’s probably nothing to be done about it, but I just wanted to say that I’m using the following versions:

Unity 2022.2.14f1
FMOD Studio 2.02.13
FMOD Unity plugin 2.02.13

No events can be found. Events are indeed there, I can see them and even play them through the Unity Editor Event browser, but at runtime the game cannot find any events. They simply will not play at all from an Event Emitter, and calling them from code results in an explicit error stating it could not find the event.

Nothing has changed since when they did work except that I upgraded Unity from 2022.2.8 to 2022.2.14. This initially broke the events, and then subsequently I upgraded my FMOD to the latest version as well hoping it would unbreak it, but it does not.

I can’t downgrade my project, so I’m stuck with no audio for the time being. Just thought I’d warn others.


I was able to get the integration working with 2022.2.14f1. How are you linking your FMOD Project to Unity?

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of all the errors you see when trying to play an event?