Downsides/caveats to removing FMODStudioProject folder from source repository?

My team and I are running into this confusion:

  • I’m adding audio to different simultaneous feature branches that I’m switching between. We use Github.
  • Each time I switch, it also changes the FMODStudioProject folder, which inadvertently means that I’ve stomped over changes, reverted to older things.
  • We discussed, and thought it might be better to do the following: (1) build .banks and put them in /Assets/FMODBanks/ and (2) completely MOVE the FMODStudioProject to its own repo, thus separating it from any per-branch changes.

Now I’d like to better understand:

  • What downsides/caveats does this have?
  • Are there any settings that we need to change to make this work?
  • The Unity project otherwise has NO dependency on anything in FMODStudioProject and ONLY needs the .bank files, right? (Aside from using Live Update as usual.)

Previously, I’ve been in situations where I worked with a team that just needed the .banks so I updated and sent those over, and the source files didn’t even need to be in a repo. But it’s been awhile, and we’d like to know of any subtle implications before we make changes.

I thought there was somewhere in the documentation that outlined a use case like this, I think it relates to step 12 here where we can choose an option that is NOT “FMOD Studio Project”: already have it set to “Multiple Platform Build” so what else needs to be done?

P.S. I also noticed that “3. Organizing the Project” link for 2.02 does NOT go to the right section. Please fix?


By FMODStudioProject, I assume you mean that your entire Studio project (i.e. not just the banks) is included within your Unity project’s repository? If so, only including built banks would indeed prevent you from stomping over changes made to the Studio project when switching branches.

There shouldn’t be any standout caveats or downsides, besides the fact that your Unity changes won’t maintain direct parity with changes made to the Studio project, only to the built banks. This may or may not be a downside, depending on your setup.

Given that you mention that you’re already using the “Multiple Platform Build” option, if you intend on moving the location of your Studio project, you’ll want to make sure that its built bank output directory matches where you’re importing them from in Unity. Also, if you haven’t already, I would recommend reading over our Studio docs on Using Source Control for when you set up the separate repository for the Studio project.

This is correct.

Would you mind pointing out the exact link you’re referring to?

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@Louis_FMOD Yes that’s right, and thanks for the clarification! :raised_hands:

And re: documentation, the link is working now, I was referring to

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