Drawing Automation at boundaries makes cursor disappear

Mac 10.6.7 using latest version of FMOD Beta (2.3). drawing automation makes the cursor disappear, especially if moving a node toward the lower boundary. it comes back sometimes after waving the mouse around and clicking outside of the window. i tried this with a 6 track Event with volume automation on each track and it did this on 4 out of the 6 tracks. reliably. i was making a video for a game audio class and was tearing my hair out. should it be this buggy?

also had numerous problems with an Event with multiple tracks using Sidechaining and Prefader sends. basically i set up a simple demo of ducking music by giving all the music tracks prefader sends routed to the same Return, with each tracks main Fader volume set to zero. then i ducked that return using a Compressor with a Sidechain driven by the VO track. worked fine in setup then just as i recorded the Screenflow everything went to crap and the bussed tracks started playing back all distorted (main track outputs played fine though), Studio then crashed twice as i saved it, and the reopened file seemed to have the same issue. deleting and recreating Audio 1’s Bus send seemed to fix things.