DSP buffer size


Would it be possible to get access to DPS buffer size to create less lagging sound on IOS? The lag at the default setting is pretty horrible.


  • Riku

That is great news!! :smiley:

Hi, sorry for the delay. We have the full low-level API coming in the next release of the integration which will expose the buffers size and sample rate for complete control over latency on all platforms.

Is there an ETA on the latency fix? We have a product going into soft launch soon and the latency on iOS is the last remaining audio bug we have


Any comments on this. Do you think buffer size controls will be exposed in the future? I think with the current settings the lag is near 170ms on ios devices.

Or do you have any tips on how to currently work around this?

  • Riku / Traplight Games

Hi rikur,

Sorry for the delay in replying. We provide an API for controlling the latency in FMOD, but unfortunately we cannot expose it in Unity on iOS. This is due Unity already containing FMOD for their inbuilt audio solution, and iOS requiring static linking, which causes a symbol conflict.

That said the default latency was configured for the original iPhone which was much less powerful than modern devices. I will investigate reducing the default latency on iOS, and also look into a way of exposing an API to give the user control over this.

Thanks! Looking forward for the improvements. Otherwise the unity plugin has been excellent to use on ios so far.