New events won't play in game after 2.01.09

As the title says, the events that I have created since updating the studio and plugin to .09 (due to using perforce) don’t seem to play when I run the game. Here is what I have done so far.

As soon as the game loads (in PIE), I have music playing from an event created in the .06 version (Old Event). That works. I change the event to one that I just recently created (New Event)…nothing plays.

When I open New Event in UE4 and play it there, the music works. It just doesn’t work in game.

I am also able to modify Old Event, change the sound file to the same one as New Event, and it plays just fine.

At first, I thought that maybe it was a mismatch issue where the plugin and the FMOD studio were different version, so I updated the studio and tried again with the same failed result.

I’m also not terribly familiar with how to find/read what the game is doing to know if the answer is being printed out somewhere and I’m doing something dumb.

Worst case, I remove FMOD from my UE4 project and rebuild it, which isn’t a big issue since I only have a dozen or so events created and wouldn’t lose much work at all. But I’m hoping that someone who is smarter than me can show me I did something dumb and there is a quick fix.

Side note: I know exactly zero about code, so everything I do is in blueprints.

It would be best to check the logs to see if there are any warnings or errors being printed that could help identify the cause: Logging | UE4 Community Wiki.

Okay…I figured it out. I was using a 3D event in a Play2DEvent node, which doesn’t seem to work. I feel like this is a new thing, but I could be wrong. In any event, it appears to be entirely user error.

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Using PlayEvent2D will spawn the event at world position zero, this helper function was added so that a position is not required to be passed in, which would not really have any effect on a 2D event.

The Studio Profiler is a great debugging tool and is good for picking up these sorts of issues. You would be able to see the event/s playing but not see any output levels from them and the 3D view can give you an idea of where the events are spawning in relation to the listener.