FMOD creates duplicate events outside of the studio folder structure

After a validation issue FMOD has duplicated every event from the FMOD studio project in the UE4. However all of the duplicate events exist outside of the FMOD studio folder structure. The Old events still exist within the folder structure but no matter how many times I delete the duplicate events from UE4 they reappear with every fresh launch of UE. Ive cleared up redirectors and these events are not present within my FMOD studio project.

Its causing annoying issues with the team because no matter how many times I or they delete these events they show up as changes in Plastic.

Is there something I can do within FMOD Studio to delete these events?


I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue - could you provide me with your Unreal, FMOD Unreal Plugin, and FMOD Studio versions, and any extra info about the validation issue that you had?