Visual test tools for FMOD EQs

This is kind of a follow-up question to my previous one.

So far, I’ve only used the FMOD Engine and not familiar with the FMOD Studio tool.
So I’m curious if there’s a visual tool for me to test FMOD_DSP_TYPE_THREE_EQ and FMOD_DSP_TYPE_MULTIBAND_EQ.

At the moment, I’m testing with a sound editor’s Parametric EQ before applying appropriate FMOD’s EQ values but found it not that useful because their gains and bandwidth are too different.

So wondered if the FMOD Studio could help me with this.
Otherwise, I think I need to write a tester app myself, but don’t want to…

Oh well, today I made it myself using WPF.
But still want to know if there’s some :slight_smile:

If you install the FMOD Studio application, you can add the 3-EQ and Multiband EQ effects to an event’s tracks and play around with it there. This should give you the idea on how each effect behaves with visual feedback.

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