EMITTER With Automation

Hi , I’m looking to do this in FMOD.

EMITTER With Automation

My Game Object in the game using FMOD is at a static location and doesn’t move.

I would like in FMOD to automate the position of the emitter , by using his distance curve.


There are a few different ways you could do this, depending on what behavior you want.

Do you want the position of the listener to be taken into account, such that if the player/camera moves away from the moving event instance, the event instance gets quieter than if the player/camera remained still? Or do you want the event emitter to follow the listener around, such that the emitter seems to move on the same path relative the listener regardless of whether and how the player moves in the game world?

Hi Joseph,

Just the EMITTER to move. The listener stay on the player/camera and doesn’t move, to follows the player perspective vs the emitter.

Its a Water Wave Attack and the FX blueprint stay at location where it spawn. we have no actor to use that will really follow the Wave with an ATTACHED component , So I am trying to FAKE it and having an emitter that moves that I can control his speed over 3 second or over 5 second etc.

Thanks !

Hello, sounds like it would be easier to make a movable component in that FX blueprint, trigger its movement when ever you need it and control it by using timeline for example. Add value over time to its starting position, than just attach an fmod event to it.
Or maybe if you want to do everything in Fmod you could maybe automate min distance, extent and direction over timeline sheet.

What kind of path do you want the emitter to move along? If it’s a simple one, the easiest options would involve automating or modulating the direction and extent of the event’s master bus output panner; if all you need is for the emitter to rise and fall in volume over time, you could even just add an LFO modulator to the master track’s volume fader.