Using Built-in Parameters relative to non-emitter?

hey, so probably a newbie question but
i would like to be able to use some markers in a map to control/automate an ongoing soundscape or music or whatever. these markers wont be emitters though, but just “random” things in the map - i would however very much like to use the built-in parameters like distance and direction, so i can easily make fluent fades, transitions etc…
so, is it (or rather ‘how is it’) possible to use non-emitter objects, relative to the listener (as defined by the built-in parameters), to automate in FMOD
this might be simple to achieve, but im only getting to know FMOD and UNITY, and have little coding experience - so any help will be greatly appreciated! <3



Built-in parameters like distance and direction have a specific relation to the event instance and/or listener attributes, and as a result cannot be calculated based on, for example, arbitrary positions in your map, without also changing the attributes of the instance or listener to match.

If you want to use a parameter that represents the distance between the listener and an arbitrary positions in your map to drive event behavior, you will need to calculate that distance yourself in Update() in your own script, and set it as the parameter value for that event instance.

If you’re using a StudioEventEmiter to play your event, you can use StudioEventEmitter.SetParameter() to set the parameter. If you’re handling playing the event yourself, you can use one of the Studio.EventInstance.setParameter functions, such as Studio::EventInstance::setParameterByName.