Automate Min/Max Distance Attenuation?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a solution for a multiple camera angle problem for the game i’m working on.

We have 2 Camera positions that we shift between. 1. Follow cam 2. Far Away. It’s making it impossible to properly tune 3d emitters that will work for both camera possibilities. ( Including footsteps on players and NPCs)

Is it possible to automate the Min/Max Distance number in FMod Studio?

I’d love to have a preset # for Follow Cam and then in Code switch to the new number for Far Away Cam and vice versa.


We do not currently support automation of min/max distance in FMOD Studio.

I should mention that the listener can be detached from the camera position and moved freely to any point in your game world, if you so desire. This allows you to keep the listener attached to the player’s avatar and close to your emitters, while still allowing you to use a zoomed-out camera. (One popular variant of this is to keep the listener at ‘ground level,’ but to otherwise move it to whatever location the overhead camera is currently over, as if the camera was attached to a parabolic microphone pointed in the same direction.)

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