Emscripten runtime error "No EM_ASM constant found at address 1005913"

Hi. I’ve got a runtime error with FMOD v2.01.09 and Emscripten v2.0.18
abort @ VM5 index.js:1
_emscripten_asm_const_int @ VM5 index.js:1
imports. @ VM5 index.js:1
FMOD::OutputWebAudio::getDriverInfoCallback(FMOD_OUTPUT_STATE*, int, char*, int, FMOD_GUID*, int*, FMOD_SPEAKERMODE*, int*) @ VM4 index.wasm:1
FMOD::SystemI::getDriverInfo(int, char*, int, FMOD_GUID*, int*, FMOD_SPEAKERMODE*, int*) @ VM4 index.wasm:1
FMOD::System::getDriverInfo(int, char*, int, FMOD_GUID*, int*, FMOD_SPEAKERMODE*, int*) @ VM4 index.wasm:1

The problem does not reproduce for FMOD v2.01.04 and Emscripten v2.0.1.
I’ve found that current Emscripten version used for FMOD is 1.39.11, which is outdated, so I think that is the issue. Is it going to be upgraded? Thanks!

Have you tried
https://fmod.com/resources/documentation-api?version=2.2&page=platforms-html5.html#build-your-own-asmjs-or-wasm-files-from-the-bitcode-bc-files to see if that is indeed the issue?

Thank you for the answer. LLVM bitcode files are available only for the fastcomp backend, which is not supported by emscripten starting from version 2.0.0. When I try to install it, I recieve the following message:

The fastcomp backend is not getting new builds or releases. Please use the upstream llvm backend or use an older version than 2.0.0 (such as 1.40.1).

When I try to use upstrem backend, I receive the following error:

machine type must be wasm32 or wasm64

Typically the older version was ok, we’ll have to release a newer version with 2.0 for upstream, we’ve put this in for our next release. If you need a build urgently you can write to support@fmod.com

Hi. Can you provide me any information about upgrade for Emscripten? I checked release notes to v2.01.10 but it has no mention about possible changes

Our next release which is going through QA at the moment is built against Emscripten 2.0.20, we are hoping that will fix the issues you are seeing.