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When building for our ported platforms, concretely Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S and PS5 this error / warning message pops up for each platform about some audio assets failing when trying to be encoded into the bank when building those platforms.

The thing is that testing our builds in those platforms nothing seems to be giving trouble, so I don’t exactly know how to proceed. Should I be worry about something?

Those are mp3s I believe, I don’t know if that’s the cause


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Could I get you to post the full error message, as well as your FMOD Studio version number?

Full message:

Error processing [audio asset path].mp3 (Encoder for chosen format is not supported on this platform.)

FMOD Studio version: 2.02.07, 64-bit, Build #125130

Thanks for posting the full error message. Can I get two more pieces of information from you? Specifically:

  • If you navigate to Edit → Preferences → Build → Project platforms, and select the platform that you’re running into this error on, what encoding format are they using?
  • For the assets that are showing up in the error message, if you select them (or their parent folders) in the asset browser when your platform is set to a platform where the error occurs, do they have any custom platform encoding settings? If so, what encoding format is being used?


I believe it’s happening for PS5, as FMOD is not that clear when showing where it’s happening, but it stops and pops up while doing the building for PS5.

This is the build setting for PS5:

And no, they don’t have any custom platform setting, they are default to PS5 encoding setting (+ they show “failed to load file” in the context menu for the asset:

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Thanks again

Thanks for the additional information.

The issue appears to be that formats you chose for each platform cannot be encoded to on MacOS. Building bank with assets using AT9 and (presuming that you’re using it for Xbox Series X and S) XMA is only supported on Windows - for more information see https://www.fmod.com/docs/2.02/studio/getting-events-into-your-game.html#compression-and-encoding-settings

Opus support was added to PS5 in 2.02.12, and is both the default option and our recommended encoding format for PS5. If you cannot access a Windows machine to build your banks, I would recommend updating to Studio 2.02.12 or above to be able to encode to Opus.

If you’re also running into the error when building to Xbox X/S and Switch, can I get you to provide the encoding format you’re using for those platforms?


Thanks for this info. Was really helpful. So I switched to a newer version and used Opus for PS5 and now it’s building without further issue! Same goes for Xbox, it was building ok in the first place I believe, now also building correctly (also opus format).

Thanks for your help as always guys !

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