"Build All Banks" causes Studio crash

Build All Banks for Switch, Xbox, PS4 and PC causing studio to hard crash.

I’ve tried validating the project and no errors are found. There’s no error message when building, just crash. I tried updating for 2.00.06 to 07 in attempts to solve the problem but nothing changed.

The crash happens during the PS4 build at the same percentage. I’ve had the correct libatrac9 dll all this time but constant crashes as of today.

I got a response from support, the issue was an error encoding an asset file.

After process of elimination, I’ve found it was a “corrupted” audio file that could be encoded. How it got corrupted, I’m not sure as it could still be read by other programs. But I found that I couldn’t get a compressed preview of that particular file.

So, deleted that file and everything is building ok now.