ERR_MEMORY : Not enough memory or resources

Hello, I 'am getting this error and from what I could understand it’s because I surpassed the limit of 8 systems, my question is:

First, what did I do to surpass the system limit, why am I creating more than 8 system since I ’ am not touching anything related to that in my code?

Second, is there any way to delete all the system created so that I can have more room for a new system.

Full error:
SystemNotInitializedException: [FMOD] Initialization failed : FMOD.Studio.System.create : ERR_MEMORY : Not enough memory or resources.

Hi belva,

yesterday I posted a similar issue. But it is now that I realize, that we might have the same issue. Unfortunately I do not have a solution, but could you compare, if my detailed description matches your problem? Runtime Manager continues after ending Unity Playmode?

What versions of FMOD and Unity are you using?

I am Belva, this is another account.
The error is but I got it from another workflow, it happens when I Play and Stop the game lot of times,I can’t tell you how much but after a while of play and stop, I get this error

I am using unity 2019.3 but have this issue since I started using this plugin with Unity 2019.

What version of the FMOD Unity Integration are you using?

I just merged to the latest version of the github repo (master) and this issue seems to be fixed so far…

I have been experiencing this error since at least Unity 2019.2.5 using FMOD 2.00.04 and still persists after updating to Unity 2019.3.10 and FMOD 2.01

Happens after entering and exiting playmode multiple times (ranging from 10 to maybe 50?).

As with others, only solution seems to be editor restart.

I’m not having any luck reproducing the issue here.

Are you able to provide any editor log files?

I just reinstalled FMOD to get the error after removing it entirely, and after having unity open for probably 24 hours it has appeared again without any requests being made to FMOD, nor is there an FMOD project path even. I seem to be unable to attach the .log file to this message. But here’s what I believe to be the relevant area:

Refreshing native plugins compatible for Editor in 1.63 ms, found 3 plugins.
SystemNotInitializedException: [FMOD] Initialization failed : FMOD.Studio.System.create : ERR_MEMORY : Not enough memory or resources.
at FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.get_Instance () [0x0014e] in F:\Project\Quilt World Abyrinth Folder\Quilt World Abyrinth\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Runtime\RuntimeManager.cs:118
at FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.get_StudioSystem () [0x00001] in F:\Project\Quilt World Abyrinth Folder\Quilt World Abyrinth\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Runtime\RuntimeManager.cs:132
at FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.AddListener (FMODUnity.StudioListener listener) [0x000ef] in F:\Project\Quilt World Abyrinth Folder\Quilt World Abyrinth\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Runtime\RuntimeManager.cs:344
at FMODUnity.StudioListener.OnEnable () [0x00029] in F:\Project\Quilt World Abyrinth Folder\Quilt World Abyrinth\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Runtime\StudioListener.cs:18

(Filename: Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Runtime/RuntimeManager.cs Line: 118)

Loaded scene ‘Temp/__Backupscenes/0.backup’
Deserialize: 287.724 ms
Integration: 706.412 ms
Integration of assets: 0.161 ms
Thread Wait Time: 10.446 ms
Total Operation Time: 1004.743 ms
FMOD Studio: The FMOD Studio project path must be set to an .fspro file.
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_Log(LogType, LogOption, String, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogFormat(LogType, Object, String, Object[])
UnityEngine.Logger:Log(LogType, Object)
FMODUnity.EventManager:Update() (at Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Editor\EventManager.cs:675)
System.Reflection.MonoMethod:InternalInvoke(Object, Object[], Exception&)
System.Reflection.MonoMethod:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)
System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])

(Filename: Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Editor/EventManager.cs Line: 675)

The main thing I would like to look for is any FMOD logging before the first occurrence of this message. That message tells us what is happening but I am trying to figure out why it is happening.

You can upload files here.

Cameron that took me to my profile page - I didn’t see an obvious way to get the log to you besides emailing it to support @ fmod. Email has subject line “EDITOR LOG FILE - For Cameron-Fmod”

Please let me know if you have any trouble receiving it.

Any updates on this? Cause I’ve also been experiencing similar problems from time to time, with the exact same error and after entering and exiting PlayMode several times.

It’s been like that on several versions of both Unity and Fmod, but the latest project had these specs:

Unity: 2018.4.11f1
Fmod: 1.10.15

Paalo I was in the middle of trouble shooting this with Cameron but have had a high workload that pulled me away from it.

The last thing we got to is that having Live Update enabled might be the root. If you could try disabling that and reporting back on whether or not you’re still getting the error that would be hugely appreciated.
You can find the setting in the FMOD Unity Settings under “Play in Editor Settings”/

Has there been any movement on this? I am also getting this after starting and stopping play mode several times.

Potentially related: I use an external dac/amp and when the game is not running and I disconnect it (it’s a portable device I use for different machines) I can see Fmod start throwing constant errors in the console about the audio device being disconnected.

Going into play mode stops the error from being thrown.

This makes me think the Fmod runtime is spinning up and running new instances when changing between play and edit mode and that they aren’t being cleaned up correctly. Eventually you have enough instances running to throw the ERR_MEMORY error.

I’m not using live update and our pipeline for all non-audio developers uses built banks that are in the project folder.

The integration does create a new system for Play Mode which should be destroyed when returning to Edit Mode. If the system is not destroyed properly then, as you said, eventually you have enough instances running to throw the ERR_MEMORY error.

Any logs from Unity and any details around the time of this occurring would be very helpful.

I have this error. You fix it in new versions?

Hi @cameron-fmod,

I have actually removed FMOD from the project for the time being as I have other higher priority tasks to work on. I tried to recreate the bug in a new project with no luck, nor did rolling back the project make the bug reappear. This could be for man reasons that I can’t undo, like the fact we have updated our engine from 2019.4 to 2020.1 for platform support, moving to VS2019 from VS2017, and a complete reinstall of windows onto a new hard drive (not related to any bugs, just needed more space).

When I finish up with our current sprint, I’ll reintroduce the fmod package and, if the bug resurfaces, grab the editor logs. I imagine my issue (not sure if others will be the same) could be caused by a lot of factors of my setup such as using FMOD in a singleton pattern, leaving my computer on for long periods of time (days or weeks), constantly swapping audio output devices, rapid play/edit mode swapping, running with the Mute Audio button toggled, etc.

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It sound like there could have been a number of factors that contributed towards this, hopefully it doesn’t come back but we would appreciate any information you can provide if it does.

@DREBOTgs are you able to share any output logs from Unity that could help with identifying the issue?
Also what versions of FMOD and Unity are you using?

@cameron-fmod If the error occurs again, I will post it.
Unity 2020.1.0f1
FMOD 2.00.09
I can update to the latest FMOD version if this error fixed. But I would not like to do this if the error is not fixed.