Error: Too long between System updates, looping playback errors detected

Lately, this warning is beeing shown on my Unity’s console every couple of seconds when executing.
I dont know what it is, what could be causing it or how it affects the application performance.

The whole message goes like this:
[FMOD] MultiInstrumentStrategy::setEndTime : Too long between System updates, looping playback errors detected.

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager:DEBUG_CALLBACK(DEBUG_FLAGS, StringWrapper, Int32, StringWrapper, StringWrapper) (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:33)

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading

Is it possible that you are experiencing a low frame rate? FMOD’s system->update() should be called every (Unity) Update(), this is affected by the frame rate.

The lower it goes is about 250 fps on the Unity’s profiler, I don’t know what could be causing a lower eprformance on FMOD. I found out that some sounds aren’t playing with a event emitter, I supose is because of this.

This warning shouldn’t necessarily be a problem, the most that would happen here is that due to a slightly longer than expected update, some sounds may be kicked off or stopped slightly later than the scheduling would normally do.

Using the Studio Profiler to record a session may help shed some light on anything that may be causing this: