Event emitter not playing

i setup everything, but there isnt any sound, i try to test with IsPlaying and saw that the emitter is not playing

here is some more info (i cant embed more than 1 cus im new)



What versions of FMOD Studio and FMOD for Unity are you using?

It’s difficult to tell exactly what the issue is from your screenshots, but here are a few things that may help you track the problem down:

  • In the FMOD Studio Debug window at the top-left of the “Game” window, do you see the number of channels or the volume change at all? If yes, this would indicate that the event is in fact playing.

  • Are you making sure to load Master.bank and Master.strings.bank? These respectively contain your project mixer, and paths of all your events/buses/etc., so you will need to have these loaded at all times - a lack of these banks typically throws a warning or error. These (along with all banks) are loaded by default in FMOD → Edit Settings → Initialization → Load banks.

  • Does your event reach the end of its timeline immediately? Does your event use a parameter sheet, and the parameter isn’t set to a value that triggers an instrument before playback? If so, the event will end straight away, and as such the emitter won’t be playing it. You may wish to test playing an event that plays a long audio asset or loops on a timeline with the emitter to make sure it’s not an issue in Unity.

If none of the above are helpful, I’d recommend uploading your Unity and FMOD Studio projects to the “Uploads” tab of your FMOD Profile so that I can take a look at it and hopefully diagnose the issue.