Event in Unity is Cased Differently then in the Studio

Hi the event name in FMODStudio Changes when loaded in the Unity. I goes from lower case to pascal case.
In FMOD Studio

In Unity

Is there a way to stop this from happening? As when I rebuild and reimport the bank there is no change.


This is a minor known issue with how FMOD Studio stores strings internally - if you’re interested, the issue is explained in more detail here. Unfortunately, I can’t offer a workaround, but for your purposes it should be a purely cosmetic issue as FMOD’s path lookup is case-insensitive.

If you are running into issue with the event path not resolving properly when you try to use it in Unity, if possible could I get you to provide a screenshot of all events contained in ./SFX/MiniGameWash and in the bank your event is assigned? Additionally, could I get your FMOD Studio, FMOD Unity, and Unity version numbers?

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I was able to solve this issue by lowercasing my event path strings. I was running into this issue due to the unusual way i am calling the audio events. when i tried to use the standard way of calling the events there where no issues with it.

Thanks for you response.

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