Event not playing on UE4.26.2


Title, See videos in link

Video 1
Video 2

Also the attenuation parameters do NOT update inside unreal, when set inside FMOD. This is very annoying and renders the entire FMOD useless for my purposes…

I also tried checking out the profiler however I have no idea how to connect, the first image link is even missing so I guess it is incomplete? This is very frustrating and I don’t think I deserve such treatment, if I am a potential customer who is interested in buying commercial license…

EDIT: found out the issue, it was having the sound set to be non persistent. Setting it to persistent solved the issue.

However, what is the logic behind the decision? If I want to play a sound, should I just play it and then stream it out of the memory? It took me almost 2 hours to debug. Would someone please give me an explanation what is the intent of this functionality?

With medium or high priority, the sounds gets instantly stopped when i click play on preview (same as ingame, only can hear 0.1 ms part of the sound) It can only play with Highest priority… Why?
Multi-Instrument, ~13 sound samples.

Now it even happens on all of my other cars :frowning:


What version of FMOD are you using?

The reason that this solved the issue was there was nothing on the event’s timeline for it to play thus it was stopped instantly. The Persistent option allowed the event to continue to play even though there was nothing on the timeline. An option is adding a small looping region at the start of the timeline which will have the same effect.

This is so that once an event reaches the end of instruments on its timeline it stops rather than just playing into infinity and wasting resources.

Are these issues still present?


I do not use timelines because i only use the RPM parameter where I have the actual engine with individual RPM’s which are autopitched.

This car you’ve seen had no problems before, however when I increased priority of other engine sound in FMOD editor (which was not present anywhere ingame then), the shown car got silenced.

I don’t want to adjust sound priorities every time I find these issues. The priority should be chosen based on number of concurrently playing engines when the cars are too near.


Thank you for the information.

I see, then yes setting the event to Persistent is the way to go.

Would it be possible to run a Profiler session while the game is running and encountering the issue? Instructions to do so can be found here: FMOD Studio | Profiling. Then could you upload it to your profile after registering a project with us?

Correct, are there any maximum instance (FMOD Studio | Event Macros Drawer Reference - Max Instances) set on any of the engine that may be causing the issue?

Finally, are there any logs in the Unreal console? Checking that the logging level is set to Warning in the integration settings: