Event path has been modified when build bank

I’m currently using FMOD Studio version 2.00.04.
for example, event path in my Fmod project is “event:/XXX/YXXXX”, then build bank , i use fmod API print event path, it became “event:/XXX/yXXXX”,I know Fmod API is insensitive to upper and lower case letters, I guess ‘/Y’ is some kind of keyword ? it has caused some problems in my work


Unfortunately, we no longer support FMOD Versions older than major versions 2.01 and 2.02. I tested this in 2.01.05 and the path remained the same after building banks. Try updating to either of the new major versions.

Hope this helps!

Maybe there’s something wrong with my statement, this problem is not just ‘/Y’,but also other characters . if events path are begin with uppercase character,which begin with lower characters will be changed and vice versa.


Apologies for the miss understanding.

This is not a keyword. However, the way the FMOD stores the path and GUIDS to events will store the first instance of a letter it comes across, whether the being a lowercase or uppercase letter.

What problems is it causing?

for example, event path in my Fmod project is “event:/XXX/YXXXX”, then build bank , i use fmod API print event path, it became “event:/XXX/yXXXX”。I put the bank to unity project , use lowercase or uppercase letter are work well. but when i build to a game , “event:/XXX/YXXXX” is not work , because it has been chang to “event:/XXX/yXXXX” . I suppose that’s because most of my event path are start with ‘/y’, so Fmod thought ‘/Y’ was a mistake on my part and helped me fix it.


It is not FMOD Trying to fix it, it’s just the way FMOD stores the paths to events it will store the first instance of a letter encounters. As most of your events start with a lowercase y that is the way it will be stored. It it possible to make your code case insensitive?

I will make a note to the development team to look into this further but it is a fundamental way FMOD works so it wouldn’t be a small change.

I think I’m noticing something similar to this, earlier I was trying to search for something along the lines like “unexpected CaSe changes when I browse an FMOD bank in Unity”…

It’s renamed a folder called “PROGRAMMATICS” to “PROgrammatics” which I thought was weird. At first I thought it was random, but after some searching i came across this thread.

Does this sound like the same issue?

Also this thread: Event renaming issue - #4 by richard_simms


Yes, it does.
It has been determined as this is a fundamental way that FMOD works it won’t be changed at this time. I hope that this does not affect your workflow if you encounter any issues please let me know and I will do my best to assist.

@Connor_FMOD It isn’t functionally blocking me, just odd to see at times — but good to know! Thanks.

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