Event Playback issues in build but not Unity Editor

Hey everyone,

We’ve started running into some very strange event behavior after the recent implementation of a load of dialogue call-out lines. The behavior seems to be quite random and doesnt appear in the Unity Editor, only PC builds.

Lines of spoken dialogue will only partially trigger or not trigger at all and other sounds will also start to not trigger as time goes on. These are all setup as One Shot sounds.

I’ve tried profiling both the game running in the editor and our builds and I’m not seeing anything strange going on. CPU usage seems fine, as does active events. Though some of the aforementioned events seem to be triggering even though we’re not hearing anything (As mentioned this appears to be random)

I’ve tried doing an optimization sweep by reducing the number of instances of certain sounds and making sure the voice stealing is setup correctly.

The one thing that seems to partially fix the issue is when I set Virtual Channels and Real Channels in the Unity FMOD Setup to their max values, though this obviously causes issues on certain systems that cant support that number of active channels.

Any help would be amazing.

I can upload a video of the issues if that helps?

Here’s a link to a video of the Profiling of a match. You’ll see the Voice events that are triggered but no sound is played as well as the cutting out of sounds. Virtual Voices are set to 256 and Real Voices to 64: https://youtu.be/DYXnOJLuoms (Might have to wait for the hi res version to process)

This has now been partially solved, however it has brought up and issue / bug with the priority system it seems.

Events were partially firing / not firing at all when set to lowest or low priority but now fire when set to high or highest.

Voice stealing for the group doesnt seem to take into account priority settings at the moment either, so events set to medium or high will still steal from those set to Highest.

Is this expected behavior?

Events with priority set to ‘Highest’ should not be stolen from, that does not sound like the right behavior.

Do you get an errors or warnings in the log when running in a development build?

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Sorry for the delayed response - no, no errors or warning appearing in the log when running a dev build. I’ll record a video tomorrow showing the priority settings in FMOD and how the Highest Priority sounds are still being stolen by High, Medium, Low and Lowest priority sounds. Its super weird.

Here’s the Video of the issues Cameron: https://youtu.be/8f-Bkr5MVYE
It clearly shows events with lower priorities stealing voices from highest priority events.

I’m going to move this to a new issue as I’ve realized the title is no longer relevant to the current issue that we’re struggling with.