Problems with Priority

In my Project I had a lot of problems with FMOD because it didn’t play many of my sound objects. So I tried to work with the Priority but that is a problem too. When I set one of the objects to a higher priority, all sounds beneath this priority are dead silent. Are there any solutions to set different grades of priority that all sound objects can play?


Have you run a profile session while running the game? This will provide useful information to what might be going on. Specifically looking at the Voices and how many are being real / virtualized. An explanation of virtualization can be found under FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics.

The profile session shows 512 total voices, around 60 of them are active at once. For stealing I use usualy furthest so these values seem to be normal. The problem is that the systems doesn’t allow any sounds under the highest priority.

Are you able to hear the 60 active voices? Or are you able to only hear the voice set to the highest priority? It might be worth going over FMOD Studio | Priority, it provides more information about the Priority setting. Could you also enable FMOD Debugging in the Project Settings → Plugins → FMOD Studio → Advanced Settings → Logging Level. Setting this to warning or error might provide and insight into what’s going on.

Hope this helps.

I only hear the voice set to the highest priority. I can not watch the indiviual voices for now, because the profiler connection to the game doesn’t work ( something with socket error), but I know that I can only hear the sound files with the highest priority.

Is it possible to upload your FMOD Project to your profile so I can try test it on my end? I am still unable to recreate the issue.

I transmitted you the FMOD-Project. Because it was too big i had to delete the most of the assets, but the problem should be still there. I also transmitted you a stripped down version of the unreal project, that could help too. It is an older version, I hope it is compatible.

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