Event Track not working anymore after update

We have updated our FMOD version from 2.00.10 to 2.02.04.
Since then, the Event Tracks are not working anymore, because the #if UNITY_TIMELINE_EXIST directive is false even though we have the Timeline package (version 1.4.5) correctly installed in our project.

What are we missing out?

Thank you very much,


I haven’t been able to recreate any issues with upgrading between these two versions. What version of Unity are you using?
If you open up “Assets\Plugins\FMOD\FMODUnity.asmdef” and “Assets\Plugins\FMOD\src\Editor\FMODUnityEditor.asmdef” , do they both have the following lines somewhere inside them?

    "versionDefines": [
            "name": "com.unity.timeline",
            "expression": "1.0.0",
            "define": "UNITY_TIMELINE_EXIST"

Hi Jeff, thank you for the reply, which pointed us towards the solution!
Basically what happend here is that before upgrading to 2.02.04 we upgraded briefly to 2.01.11.
In that upgrade Assets/Plugins/FMOD/FMODAssembly.asmdef and Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Editor/FMODAssembly.Editor.asmdef have been added to the project. Since they gave conflicts with Assets/Plugins/FMOD/FMODUnity.asmdef and Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Editor/FMODUnityEditor.asmdef respectively, we have deleted these ones as their last modification date was older (so we thought the others were the updated ones).
We restored the FMODUnity and FMODUnityEditor asmdefs and all worked just fine :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the support,

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