Event triggering from the sequence's director blueprint


I’m trying to use an event trigger from the sequencer to trigger some event but unfortunately get no sounds form that.

So I used this trigger from the sequencer’s director blueprint to trigger the event like on this picture:

If I use “print” to display a message when receiving the trigger I get the message displayed when receiving the trigger.

If I unable AutoPlay (on the “play 2D event” node) I get the sound playing from the beginning of the game.

But, llike said before if I trigger the sound from the trigger event of the sequencer it doesn’t play any sound.

Thank you for your answers,



Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue.

What version of FMOD and unreal are you using?

Do you have any FMOD logging enabled? Logging can be turned on in the Project Settings -> Plugins -> FMOD Studio -> Advanced -> Logging Level and setting that level to either Warning or Log. This will help investigate if there are any issues in the FMOD API.