UE Sequencer: Attaching fmod events to objects?

I am using UE 4.3.7.

I first tried using ‘events’ to trigger fmod components in blueprints within the sequencer. It somewhat worked, but with complications.

I looked at the documentation and tried adding fmod events from content browser into the Sequencer, I am wondering though, is there a way I can attach FMOD events I place in the sequencer onto an object? That way I can script audio from the sequencer but have it play from the 3d space of a character.

As in if I use UE audio, I can attach audio onto my enemy blueprint inside the sequencer, and play it from that location in the 3d space.


I am new to unreal, and didn’t realise its as easy as adding an attachment track to my fmod sound and choosing the object :slight_smile: Nice. The way I am doing it, i just end up with many fmod tracks though, instead of one fmod track with different sounds layered horizontally. Am I doing it efficiently? Or is there a neater way?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you found a solution.

The vertical arrangement of tracks is to be expected. If you have some organizational concerns with the tracks, you may wish to make use of folders or subscenes to organize your FMOD tracks.