FMOD Events in Sequence not heard when played from scene

I’ve been trying to set up some Events to player from a sequence in UE4 without success.

Events play fine (i.e. I can hear them) when I play a sequence directly from the Sequencer, but if I place the Sequence in the scene and then Play in Selected Viewport, no audio is heard.

The Sequence in the scene is set to Auto Play and the anims that are part of the sequence can be seen, but no audio is heard.

This is how I have the FMOD Event set up in the Sequence.

Additionally if I add the same Events to an anim with a Notify, they aren’t heard when I play a Sequence in the scene that contains those anims, although they are heard when I play those anims in the anim player.

Been banging my head against the wall with this one for a while and have run out of things try to fix it, so hoping someone has a suggestion for why this might be happening.

Where are you placing the listener in the scene, and are the events you’re having trouble with 3D - which is to say, do they contain spatializing effects, built-in parameters, or scatterer instruments? Many (though not all) 3D events are subject to distance-based attenuation, and so may be silent if positioned too far away from the listener.

It might help if I set some context for what I’m doing.

Firsly I have very little experience with FMOD (I’m an artist not a sound engineer), so fumbling around in the dark a bit. What I’m doing is working within an existing UE4 project, which contains a variety of audio, which is audible in my scene, when played as part of a sequence.

I’m working on some content for a our game’s DLC pack and I’m trying out some ideas with the sequences that I’m making. Unfortunately the sound engineer was working on contract and isn’t currently working with us, so I can’t ask them about the set up of the audio for the project.

I’ve made no special arrangements for the listener (scene contains a few meshes a camera and a single sequence), but the camera (included in my sequence) seems to be acting correctly as one, as the spacial positions of those sounds I can hear, seem correct.

As a test I this morning, I duplicated in FMOD Studio an existing audible sound to the new bank I created for new sounds in the DLC (built the banks), and then added it in the same sequence in which I can hear the original I made the duplicate from.

Unfortunately only the original is audible when I hit Play in Select Viewport and the duplicate of it is not. However both are audible when I play the sequence from the Sequencer, along with other new sounds I’ve made and added to the new (DLC) bank.

Based on that test, it seems like this might be an issue with the new bank I’ve created, rather than the scene set up in UE4. I could be wrong about that of course :slight_smile:

Here is the Event for the original Event (that works in the scene).

Both being played in the same sequence, which is viewed with the same camera, in the same position.

Here is the duplicate I made of that (renamed) and added to the new Bank, which does not work (had to added in 2nd post due to being a new member of forum).

Have you ensured that your UE4 game is loading the new bank before it attempts to play the events in that bank?

Are any error messages appearing in Unreal’s logs when you attempt to play an event?

What are the encoding settings for the new bank, and how are you exporting it to the Unreal project after building it?

Looks like you nailed it. The UE4 documentation you pointed me to had the answer, which was to check the project setting for FMOD “Load all banks” which by default is turned on, but for some reason in ours is turned off.

For anyone else who comes across this issue and is scratching their head, here is the relevant section from the UE4 documentation.
"FMOD For Unreal will load all banks by default. If you would like to manually control bank loading, this behavior can be disabled via the load all banks checkbox within the FMOD Studio settings dialog (“Edit > Project Settings > FMOD Studio”)."

All Events are now audibile when Play in selected viewport is used. I’ll check with code why we have that setting disabled, but at least I can enable it locally to check the work I’m doing.

Thanks for your help with this.