Event won't play in game

I wanted to attach a video but I can’t.
Other events play perfectly and it all works fine other than that one.
It plays in the event explorer inside unity but when triggered ingame it’s silent.

It’s hard to say just from what you’ve described, but I would suggest checking if the event is 3D and then checking if it’s close enough to the FMOD listener in the game world.

I checked and all the other events are also 3D and also located in the same place.
We also opened a new scene with just a canvas with three events that one included,
and it’s still the same…

Are you able to send a small FMOD Studio project with this problem event and another event you know works? I’m not sure what could be happening from these descriptions.

also I noticed that when I save the following message appears:

I can see that of the three named events, all of them are classed as 3D.

  • Town has a spatializer on it and will be silent if too far away.
  • Swamp has a spatializer on the Swambiance nested event which makes it partially silent if far away (it will only play audible sound if the Intensity or Boss Fight parameters are increased)
  • Snow has a spatializer on the Snow Ambience nested event which makes it partially silent if far away (the music track will still be audible)

I’m not sure which event in particular you are experiencing trouble with, but if you try to remove the spatializer(s) from that event until you can hear it, I suspect this will help.

Otherwise, I recommend recording a Live Update profiler session to get a better idea of why the event might be silent.

In regards to the error message you are seeing, this appears to be more of a Unity issue. The message says the asset mentioned is not the same as when it was imported. This can happen with source controlled projects or when moving between machines. It’s possible you need to reimport the FMOD for Unity unitypackage.

Legendary, thanks a lot!