Sound stops working upon adding a spatializer

Hello. I have a sound I’m creating with an event instance, and it works fine in 2D. The sound plays well.
However, when I simply add a spatializer, the sound no longer works in game and I hear nothing, despite the preview in FMOD and preview in Unity playing the sound.

This is my first time posting, I hope that image conveys enough information.

Also to clarify, another event I have which is a 3D action played by PlayOneShot works perfectly fine. It’s for my gunshots.

Can you check with the profiler where your sound is being played during playmode ? It could be placed outside of the max distance of your event, explaining why you can’t hear it as soon as you add a spatializer.

I’m not completely sure what to make of this information. I’m very new to FMOD :>

Okay so you did a capture of your game focusing on your footstep event, that’s perfect. In the fmod profiler you have several display modes to read your game’s data. Right now you’re on the CPU load display. Switch to the “lifespans” display mode and select any instance of your footstep event. Then move the read head to your selected instance and check in the Overview window (on the right of your screen) where this event is spacialized, it should be represented by a filled yellow circle. If your instance doesn’t show up in the overview, try to enhance the radius, to see if it is not spatialized really far away from your listener. Here’s a capture of my profiler to help you visualize the different steps.

Weird, it seems like that dot shows up but only in not-ortho view. In ortho it doesn’t show and the radius doesn’t seem to change anything about it.

I believe I found the root of the issue. I never define where to play the sound.
I’m not sure how to do this though. The tutorial I’m watching uses a 2D timeline for it’s footsteps.

Could you try to explain how the event is implemented in Unity ?

I never called RuntimeManager.AttachInstanceToGameObject.