EventInstance.SetParameterByName not working


I can’t get to work setting parameters to EventInstance, every parameter value is set to 0 even just after setting it to 1 and reading value of it.

Here is the code I’m using:

Logs from editor:

As you can see, the FTS_Grass is set to 1 but reading it returns 0

Is the event itself behaving in a way that the parameter value is actually set to 1? It is quite likely the debug log is reading the parameter value too quickly - it is being read in the same update as being set to a non-default value.

The event is not working correctly, in FMOD profiler the event is fired but all parameters are set to 0 and there is no sound.

Ok, the problem was in my code, I set FTS_Grass multiple times by mistake, so it first got 1 and after that it was set back to 0.