Workflow using Oculus Spatializer for Gear VR - how ?

I finally was able to get Oculus’ FMOD plugin working with UE4 and FMOD Studio/Plugin following these instructions:

I also replaced 3D panner in FMOD Studio with Oculus Spatializer, like so:

However (as you can see in that video, I get no attenuation/etc. on my 3D sound source in UE4 scene using Oculus Spatializer) I get no sound at all. Ambient sound works, but positional sound does not.

What am I doing wrong?

How should I set 3D events when using Oculus Spatializer ? (Android)

Thanks beforehand

Just checking, was this issue related to your other thread, where the sound is being spatialized twice? (As pete said) or is this for a normal single sound as well.

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I think it was. I haven’t tried using Ouclus Spatializer for a single sound event yet, but I am sure it will work fine.

If not, I’ll come back here :slight_smile:

Also I wanted to know if I simply set min/max distance in the Oculus Spatializer panel and do nothing more. How would I define fall off (similar to falls off curves in 3D panner) when using Oculus Spatializer (if I even need to do that) ?