Non-spatialized event says 3D: True

I have an event for a 2D/non-spatialized atmo. However, the UE5 says “3D: true”/shows a min/max attenuation sphere (which looks based on default 1 to 20) and somehow in FMOD studio, there is the 3D Preview.

I created the event as 2D Timeline and never changed or made anything with it in regards to adding and deleting a spatializer or something like that.
The event contains a scatterer instrument. In my opinion, the event should still be classified as 2D/3D: false.
Bug or wanted?

This is probably due to the scatterer. The scatterer spatializes sounds centered on the event 3D attributes (not centered on the listener, as I initially thought), even if it doesn’t have a spatialiser. I was quite confused when I realized that.

I agree! I still think this should not be like that. It just confuses you because you can’t tell that detail if the event is in-Engine.

The scatterer does affect 3D attributes so Studio::EventDescription::is3D would be true, so this does make sense. Perhaps having some indicator inside FMOD Studio when the event is 3D would help with the confuion here?

Yes, it would be great to see more prominent if the event is spatialized or just has 3D attributes, but it’s basically 2D.
In-Engine this is even more important, I think! The “default” shown attenuation sphere is also really confusing because it literally represents nothing.

True, either showing the scatterer’s min and max attenuation range or nothing at all as in the case of 2D events woud be better. That or not returning is3D true if the only thing making the event 3D is a scatterer instrument.
I have passed these points on to the Dev team, thank you both for your feedback!

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